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An insight into my clients' projects, including a review of our collaboration. GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin

Training & Coaching

July 2021 to date, employees 1-10, team language German

Appointment booking system from scratch with PHP / Symfony 5, EasyAdmin, API Platform, React.js, easybill, sendgrid, iCalendar, WordPress plugins

Dr. Timon Fiddike
Managing Director Agile.Coach GmbH & Co. KG

I met Daniel in 2014 at a meeting of the PHP Usergroup Berlin. The group was small that day, which led to an intensive exchange about software development in the web environment. Today, I am very happy about this, as we have been working together for more than 15 months now.
During this time, he has rebuilt a booking system for us based on EasyAdmin and Symfony 5.4, which conveniently covers all critical aspects from booking to invoicing and management.
Previously, our company processed orders using a contact form and a collection of Excel spreadsheets. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many rebookings, so a modern and automated system became necessary.
In the current expansion stage, we have our own API based on API Platform as well as interfaces to Easybill, Sendgrid, Dropbox, Google Calendar and other systems. In addition to EasyAdmin and Symfony in our administration backend, Bootstrap & React are used in the customer area. Everything together makes our work much easier and more enjoyable and we wouldn't want to do without it.
Depending on the topic, we discussed it with Daniel by email, phone, video conference or via a ticket system and always found good solutions. He offers a full service from planning / architecture to development and operation of our web application and we are delighted that he will continue to support us.

Neopubli GmbH, Berlin

Self-publishing platform, publishing

April to June 2016, employees 10-50, team language English

PHP / Symfony, REST API with FOSRestBundle, frontend with AngularJS & Bootstrap. Renewal of the core flows on the website, migration & refactoring of old Zend Framework 1 code into the new Symfony environment incl. unit tests. Other technologies: bower, Twig, LESS, RabbitMQ, Jenkins.

Daniel Poschmann
CTO Neopubli GmbH

Daniel Sippel supported our team for two months with the new development of a core feature on our website.

The workbench, in which end customers can compile and later publish their print projects, was redeveloped with the help of AngularJS in the front end and Symfony2 FOSRestBundle in the back end. I already knew Daniel from our time together at MyHammer - he had no experience with AngularJS when he started at epubli. He taught himself how to use it during the implementation. He was also convincing in the backend. He analyzed our old Zend framework code very quickly and ensured that the new workbench fit perfectly into the existing environment and that no features were lost.

He also took care of the project management and ensured transparency in the team using Scrum so that the project made good progress. It was also very good and helpful that he was actively involved in the design and advised and supported our product owner with his expertise. Daniel worked independently and always proactively provided me with the current status, so that nothing was left to be desired in terms of quality and quantity. I am completely satisfied with the work done and can recommend him without reservation.

CrossLend GmbH, Berlin

Credit marketplace, FinTech

December 2014 to July 2015, Employees 50-200 (2015), Company language english

Supporting the existing development team in the Symfony backend area. Development of the administration backend with SonataAdminBundle.

Filipe Garcia
Head of Engineering CrossLend GmbH

Daniel Sippel supported our team in Symfony2 backend development from December 2014 till July 2015. He has a very good knowledge of Symfony and PHP, is reliable and works independent. As a real member of our team he used his deep understanding of apis - server (FOSRestBundle) as well as client side - to get things done. As well, he was the main developer of our internal admin interface, written with the help of SonataAdminBundle. He works very solution-oriented and communicates well with other departments and product owners.

werpflegtwie GmbH, Berlin

Health & Care

June to October 2014, employees 1-10, team language German

Implementation in collaboration with Eatch Interactive and another freelance colleague.
PHP 5.5 & Symfony2, jQuery. Hosting: AWS EC2 Ubuntu, Apache & AWS RDS MySQL.

Together with Daniel Sippel as the main responsible and executing backend developer, I have spent the last 4 months from scratch using Symfony2 (PHP Framework) to develop the platform from scratch using Symfony2 (PHP Framework). I was and am highly satisfied with his work. He works fast, reliable, explains well, understands quickly, advises competently + helpfully, also takes over project management tasks.
100 points!