PHP / Symfony

Mein Fokus liegt auf testgetriebener Backend-Entwicklung mit dem Open Source Framework Symfony. Seit Mai 2014 setze ich alle Projekte meiner Kunden mit Symfony im Backend um. In den Jahren zuvor habe ich in verschiedenen Firmen festangestellt mit Symfony gearbeitet & mit Legacy PHP-Code gekämpft.

Folgende Libraries habe ich zuletzt in Projekten eingesetzt:

  • iCal
    iCal-creator for PHP

  • LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle
    JWT authentication for your Symfony API

  • api-platform
    Create REST and GraphQL APIs, scaffold Jamstack webapps, stream changes in real-time.

  • LiipImagineBundle
    Symfony Bundle to assist in imagine manipulation using the imagine library

  • filepond
    🌊 A flexible and fun JavaScript file upload library

  • uuid
    A PHP library for generating universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).

  • Twig-extensions
    Twig extensions

  • filesystem
    The Filesystem component provides basic utilities for the filesystem.

  • DoctrineMigrationsBundle
    Symfony integration for the doctrine/migrations library

  • react-filepond
    🔌 A handy FilePond adapter component for React

  • php-pdftk
    A PDF conversion and form utility based on pdftk

  • php-sdk
    easybill PHP SDK (API)

  • angularjs-fusioncharts
    AngularJS Directive for FusionCharts JavaScript Charting Library (for Angular 1.x)

  • TystrSendgridBundle
    A simple bundle for integrating the Sendgrid PHP library into the Symfony2 framework.

  • sendgrid-php
    The Official Twilio SendGrid PHP API Library

  • omnipay
    A framework agnostic, multi-gateway payment processing library for PHP 5.6+

  • angular-busy
    Show busy/loading indicators on any element during $http requests (or any promise).

  • angular-datepicker
    Angularjs datepicker module, generate a datepicker on your input element -

  • docker-symfony
    :whale: A docker multicontainer with NGINX, PHP7-FPM, MySQL and ELK (Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana)

  • sprite-generator
    Creates sprite png and css files from given image directory

  • hello.js
    A Javascript RESTFUL API library for connecting with OAuth2 services, such as Google+ API, Facebook Graph and Windows Live Connect

  • bower-angular-messages

  • bower-angular-animate
    Bower package for the AngularJS animation module

  • angular-loading-bar
    A fully automatic loading / progress bar for your angular apps.

  • ng-file-upload
    Lightweight Angular directive to upload files with optional FileAPI shim for cross browser support

  • angular-google-picker
    An Angular directive that interact with Google Picker API

  • NelmioApiDocBundle
    Generates documentation for your REST API from annotations

  • SonataAdminBundle
    The missing Symfony Admin Generator

  • PayPal-PHP-SDK
    PHP SDK for PayPal RESTful APIs

  • google-api-php-client
    A PHP client library for accessing Google APIs